A Minimal Traditional Music Room


 “Music is my delight” says a character of Jane Austen in Pride & Prejudice. If you are on the same page then you probably understand why a Music Room can be a really great luxury in any house. Because although learning an instrument is wonderful it can be a little waring on everyone to have to listen to the 5 year old scratch out Mary Had A Little Lamb on the violin at 6:30 AM.


If you think I’m exaggerating then you clearly didn’t grow up in a family of more than one kid.  Take it from someone who grew up in a family of 9, if you have the option and have any musical ambition for your kids you should put in a Music Room. It can be very necessary to at least have the option to be able to close the door on scales (no matter what time of day with those).


This one in my parent’s  house is a room I’ve always loved. Traditional yet beautifully minimal, it is a lovely example of how traditional style does not have to be cluttery. More isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s just more.


It’s also a lesson in surrounding yourself with things that have meaning to you. My Mom is a master at this which makes her home feel like her- it evokes memories and reflects things that she stands for.

Above the piano hangs a picture of each of us at the age of 3. Though they are so 90s they are so good. I’ve always loved those happy faces smiling at me. As a little girl it made me feel special to be up on the wall with everyone. I am the little blonde one 3 in from the right.


On the piano is a bust of Jesus Christ given to my Dad by someone to say thank you when he was done serving in a Bishopric in our church (which is a group of 3 men who work together to help the congregation- like a pastor only not paid and they switch it every 5 years or so).


Little bottles scattered around the room are filled with sand from places they’ve traveled. My Mom is one of the most sentimental people I know. The type that sends out a picture on the group text of her Tupperware that has broken after 30 years. That Tupperware raised us! I get it.


The little statuary of the kneeling couple is my parents to a T. How do you think they raised 7 children to adulthood? Being a parent can be challenging and it helps a lot to have someone you can rely on for direction. 


Meaningful books, a clock that was her grandmother’s. I think you get the idea. The painting above the mantel is one that she did that I love.


The one above the chair is a picture of Holland that my younger brother painted for her before he left on his 2 year mission to the Netherlands.


Maybe she could’ve found prettier things or art in a designer store but by choosing items that are meaningful to her, her house comes alive.

When you are designing spaces don’t worry about everything being “perfect”. Create a place that you feel comfortable in and that tells your story. 


What are some of your favorite rooms or heirlooms? Leave them in the comments below. I’d love to read about them.