Planting a Cottage Garden

You might think planting flowers from seed is just not realistic. I thought the same thing BUT my little cottage garden this year has taught me otherwise. 


 The cottage garden is more unplanned than a traditional garden. That’s why growing one from seed is ideal.


After the last frost date (April 22nd for Salt Lakers) I just scattered seed based on height.


The key to planting flower seed  is to water right and have patience. If seeds dry out even once they will not germinate.


Newly planted seeds need water every day for a short amount of time. As their roots become deeper they need longer watering less frequently. You kinda have to build up based on their size. 


And before you know it you’ll have big beautiful flowers in your garden for very little cost. Each of these packets of seeds was around $2 from grocery stores. 


Other tidbits to know: Snails LOVE marigolds especially so you’ve really got to watch them when they’re seedlings. Put out snail bait when you plant and then every one to two weeks as needed.


Also, if you have a new garden plot that has a lot of sun and hasn’t ever had flowers in it you should plant petunias. Mine kind of got crowded out but the pink ones below are petunias. In new ground they THRIVE and grow big and beautiful the whole growing season. The petunias I started from seed indoors in March so they’d be ready to put out just after last frost.


Also, if you like cut flowers, all of these beauties are cut and come again annuals so you can have flowers for your table and more flowers will keep coming in your garden. 


If you’re sad you missed the spring planting you might be able to sneak some fast seeds like sunflowers or celosia in if you get the seeds in the ground right away! Just check the days to maturity on the back of the seed packet and count back from the frost date in your zone (Oct 16 in Salt Lake) to see if you can still plant.


If you’re interested in planting this type of garden, I made a free How To Guide that will be delivered to your email with the exact cottage garden recipe you will need. It contains the varieties I used, and how and when to plant to have your own beautiful informal cottage cutting garden. Enjoy!

Happy gardening! Be sure to send me photos of your cottage garden and leave questions in the comments!