All Purpose Crepe Recipe

This crepe recipe is my all time favorite and the one I grew up on. My peaches are a late variety and have just come on and SO I had to make crepes. Possibly my favorite treat.


Its easiest to make these in the blender.

Throw everything in, blend and then chill in the fridge for an hour. I don’t think chilling is a must but it vastly improves the qualityof the crepes if you do. 

When you’re ready to cook the crepes you want to make sure you have the right heat. It’s a little lower heat than you might think. Setting the heat is key! It’s somewhere between medium and low.

Here’s what the heat looks like on a gas stove.

Here’s what the heat looks like on a gas stove.

You don’t want the batter to heat up too fast or it will make the crepes mis-shapen and scorched.

I don’t have a crepe maker. I just use a larger size pan and it works great. You just pour a pancake sized circle of batter and then grab the pan and twirl the batter until it fills the pan evenly.

Mince it bubbles and no longer looks very wet it’s ready to flip. Take a spatula and go all along the edges in a circle.

You won’t need to use oil spray or butter on the pan if it’s non-stick. The crepe should come off and flip easily.

This recipe makes about 20 crepes or so.


Once I have my crepes I fill them with peaches then whipping cream.  


I love these so much. They keep in the fridge really well so you can make them ahead of time for a wedding shower or party.


They’re also really good with strawberries, Nutella or chicken and spinach. There are all kinds of fillers.

Enjoy! Let me know if you have questions.

Recipe: All Purpose Crepes

4 eggs

¼ tsp salt

2 cups flour

2 ¼ cups milk

¼ cup melted butter

Mixer or whisk method: 

In medium mixing bowl, combine eggs and salt. Gradually add flour alternately with milk, beating with an electric mixer or whisk until smooth. Beat in melted butter.

Blender method:

Combine ingredients in blender jar; blend for about 1 minute. Scrape down bowl with rubber spatula and blend for another 15 seconds or until smooth.

Both methods:

Refrigerate batter at least 1 hour. Cook on upside-down crepe griddle or in traditional pan. Makes about 32-36 medium sized crepes.

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