Artist Feature: Victoria Denning

A few years ago I was down in St George, Utah with Mitchell and my family for a little getaway with my siblings. We were meeting up for dinner one night. 

While we were walking over to a restaurant I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a woman painting in the window of a gallery. The piece she was working on was a huge beautiful pastoral scene of a couple of cows. Her style was SO unique and so beautiful.


I asked Mitchell if we could go in for a minute and see the gallery. And that is how I met Victoria Denning.


We quickly learned that she is as lovely as her artwork. Mom of two boys she studied Fine Art at BYU and Utah State. On the side she paints and sells her work in a gallery in St George. 


While we were talking and viewing her work I FELL IN LOVE with this painting below.


We had to be on our way and meet up with my siblings but all through dinner I could not stop thinking about the beautiful painting. 

SO long story short we convinced my whole family to go back to the gallery and splurged. $450 at the time felt like a million dollars but is actually really reasonable for a piece that large and well done.

If you know me at all you know that I have a REALLY hard time spending money on not bread and windex but Mitchell was adamant based on my reaction to “our painting”. This is why I love Mitchell. He gets me.


AND no regrets. I love my painting so much and no matter where we go it will go with us. When people come over they often ask about it, and yet it’s also subtle and not in your face. I love it so much.


Two of my siblings saw how lovely Victoria and her artwork is and bought these beauties for their houses later on.

I love that her work feels like she put her heart into each piece. If you’ve never painted maybe you don’t know what I mean. At least for me, selling my work has a twinge of sadness. Almost like you put some of yourself on that canvas and now you’re giving it away.


It sounds cheesy but I promise it’s a real thing. Victoria sums it up perfectly in her bio “My pursuit of painting has become a process of documenting everyday moments that make up my life. I paint from the land around me, from experiences with family and friends, and from memories of childhood. This storytelling process is a combination of real life entwined with my imagination, as well as graphic patterns, and color schemes from the world around me. I thrive on the problem solving involved in creating and resolving a piece of art I’ve projected my life into. The process helps me see who I am a little more clearly.”


Thank you to Victoria for letting me feature her. You can see all her artwork on her portfolio website here.

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