I Can Spell! Self-pacing Spelling Program
by Bill Alsdurf Jr.

Are you looking for a solution to the spelling dilemma that...

  • reflects current research on spelling?
  • individualizes spelling for your students?
  • is developmentally appropriate?
  • moves correct spelling usage into writing?
  • meets the needs of varied learning styles?
  • all kids LOVE to use?
  • gives learners of all types the opportunity to move at their own pace?

Introducing our newest self-pacing program designed for the individualized or multi-age classroom! This program has been designed by master teacher Bill Alsdurf Jr and piloted in a multiage environment. It works!

With this program, students use word lists from the most commonly used writing words, build their own word banks, practice their words in learning-style appropriate ways, and move to new levels as often as they are able. The I Can Spell! program comes with the following components:

  • a comprehensive manual
  • blackline masters for take-home word list booklets
  • word list cards that students use to practice words at their level (click to see primary, intermediate, or advanced sample)
  • dictation test cards for the teacher to use in mastery testing (click to see primary, intermediate, or advanced sample)
  • spelling activity cards with 50 ideas of ways to practice their words
  • student boxes and dividers for 20 students that house the student word banks

(The supplement kit contains boxes and dividers for each additional group of ten students.)