Plans for the Blog

I’ve been a little absent from writing on the blog lately. I have a goal to start updating it more regularly. We recently took on a large project that’s taking a lot of my extra time. I am in the midst of writing about it so stay tuned for that but, I just wanted to take a second and talk about my blog: how it came to be, why I started it, and what my plans are. 

This whole blog thing started in 2013 when I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was in my final 3 weeks of my mission and had been emailing my parent’s about what I would do for school when I returned home.


My Dad had stumbled across the information that the University of Utah had created a Writing & Rhetoric major while I was gone and wondered if I had ever considered studying writing. I’ve always had an aptitude for writing which my Dad recognized and encouraged. It seemed odd, though, to switch with just 3 semesters left of my previous major, Graphic Design.

I had all this on my mind when I went on an exchange in Louisville for a day. I was a Spanish speaking missionary on my mission. This particular day we were walking down a block full of apartment buildings in centermost Louisville when we came across a Cuban woman who was larger than life- literally and figuratively. She was one of those people that is a million miles an hour: Gaudy jewelry, hair piled up in some kind of an updo and high heels at 11 AM on a Tuesday. The kind that called us “chicas” a lot and pulled us in for besos on the cheeks rather than a handshake. I liked her.

We told her we were going to visit one of the members of our Relief Society, who was also Cuban, and we asked if she would like to come along. Well of course she did so next thing I knew there I was in an upstairs apartment in the middle of Louisville Kentucky planted in the center of the fastest paced Spanish that exists.  Our new friend and the woman from our congregation had never met but it was one of those conversations that you feel like started in the middle. “Have you heard about Los Castros? What’s happening in Miami? Come and try my yuca it’s the best in the world. Oh Chica, you’ve got to get your nails done at the place on Garrison.”

Not able to get a word in, Hermana Evans and I just smiled knowingly and soaked it all in. I thought about everything I had learned about these people and how much I had come to care about them. I listened to them talk about Cuba and all the problems there. My heart ached for them and I thought about how in less than a month I would go home - back to my little Holladay Utah. I wished so badly that there was something more I could do for them and for everyone I had met and for humanity.


And like a drop in a pond I felt the words “If you want to help people you should pursue writing.” To this day I don’t totally know the whole meaning behind that impression, but it was enough for me. 3 weeks later I went home, switched my major, and graduated 4 semesters later in Writing & Rhetoric. 

Somewhere between then and now I fell in love and got married and had three little babies. Ever since I felt that impression I’ve kept my eyes open for where writing would fit into my life and how I could possibly use it to help people. I am someone that prays regularly - daily. It is something that I will forever be grateful to my parent’s for taking the time to instill in me. My relationship with God has always been a source of comfort, peace and direction for me. Through regular prayer and seeking, the feeling that I should write a blog, has often come to my mind. I’ve kind of resisted that over the years with the thought that it’s not really “me.” “I’m not exactly an ‘Instagrammer.’ I can’t post selfies of myself in my average clothes and living my average life. I don’t want people to think I think I’m cool or something. I don’t want to care about how many ‘friends’ I have and worry about what people think all the time and be on my phone all the time…and…and…” You get the idea.

And yet no matter what I did to shake it that ideation was always there. And subconsciously, imperceptibly I knew what it would look like, what I would write about, who I would write to, why I would do it. Finally, just after I had Jane, all the kids had fallen asleep in the car and it was quiet. I was thinking about what I could do better and how I could give more. And it came again, just a peaceful thought in my mind that now is the time to start my blog and that He would help me find the time to do it. So there you go. A Joyful Noise. I wanted a name that felt like me and our family. I remembered reading that phrase in psalms. “…make a joyful noise to the God of Jacob.” That felt like our life or what I want our life to be. It felt like what I wanted people to feel and do in their own live’s when they read my blog. 

So this blog is just a compilation of things I’m learning, things I want to do better, things that inspire me, beautiful things, things that bring me joy, things that are real to me, a way of life that is fun and full. My life is not perfect but it is happy and I want to share that with you and whoever wants it or needs it or whatever. And if you are one of my 18 subscribers (6 of which are me and Mitchell to get the thing to work) hopefully there will be something here that can inspire you - even if it’s just to pick out a paint color that you wouldn’t have thought of or add a favorite recipe to your repertoire.

My goals are to write a post once a week, post on Instagram once a day (yikes, don’t hold me to that) and do a collaboration with someone I think has something important to offer once a week. I’m not going to monetize this space. I’m not against people doing that but I just know that’s not my purpose. I don’t have time to do it and I don’t want to. Whatever I promote or share or tell about is just cause I hope it might be helpful to someone. 

So if you have something you want to share with me or my 11 readers then let me know! (Just kidding there are more than that.) I’d love to learn from you so I hope you’ll contribute via comments or however you want. Thanks for reading this blog post at least. I hope you will find something here that will enrich your life.

Sincerely, cordially, wholeheartedly,

Sara Haller